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About The Company

Aldaleelest takes its initials from the company’s founder Ahmad Alshakhatreh who was born in 1973. In the early 1998s he began his contracting activities in Jordan setting the foundations for what was to become a successful business which would be carried on for 20 years to date.

Taking different projects where Jordan was in a great need to infrastructure serving various private clients, the company began specializing in mechanical contracting, electrical contracting, infrastructure, general contracting, as well as government buildings and residential apartment blocks. In the early 2005s, following the substantial growth of the company, the vision was to expand the work where we became specialized in Building hospitals including of all what it have from civil, mechanical and electrical works.

The company very quickly began establishing an exceptional reputation for its high quality workmanship and timely completions. Aldaleelest continued to develop its impressive track record, providing professional management for a distinctive level of service and playing a leading role in upgrading building standards and raising the quality benchmark in Jordan’s construction sector. Today, with 20 years of commitment to excellence, Aldaleelest is an established and mature business with a work ethic and name synonymous to consistency, quality and trust.